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2 stone sapphire

Two beautiful blue sapphires set in white gold with two diamond baguettes accenting.

Watermelon Tourmaline

This is a customers stone set in a ring that was forged by hand from the customers gold.

Filigree Bypass Ring

Forged from one piece of Sterling Silver. Set with a Kyanite

9 Diamonds & 10 Sapphires

Precious stones gypsy set in white gold.

Sapphire & Ruby ring

Ceylon Sapphire and natural ruby set in 14kt gold. A special ring for a special lady.

The Mobius Ring

Sterling Silver with an 8x6mm aquamarine

Silver Wave Ring

This ring is set with a pink tourmaline. The silver starts as 16 ga. wire, I shape it and planish it with a hammer to give it form and strength.

Simple Filigre Ring

This ring is hand forged 14 kt. yellow gold. Another custom work for a wonderful customer.

Faceted Topaz

Set in Sterling Silver

9 Diamonds

Set in 14 kt. white gold. A very beautiful creation, this piece was carved from wax and cast.

Hand Made Bear

Custon made from solid gold - hand fabricated

Black Star Sapphire

Set in 14 kt yellow gold


set in hand forged yellow gold

Banded Filigre with balls

Set in yellow gold


Set in hand pierced sterling silver


Set in 14 kt Gold


A top quality peridot in a hand forged ring

Tourmaline Blossom

Set in 14kt yellow gold

Watermelon Tourmaline

Set in 14kt gold


A familiar design in Sterling Silver

Dark Pink Tourmaline

Set in 14 kt gold